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Civilization World  

Updated 07-07-2011
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Civilization World

2K Games has just announced that they've launched Sid Meier's Civilization World on Facebook. It's strategy gaming gone social. You can get started here.

You start out by growing your own city in Civ World. You'll later be able to join up with others to become a nation and later a civilization. It's like Civ, but cuter and easier and with way more friend invites and pop-up notices.

"Our team set out to create an exciting Civilization game for Facebook where for the first time, players can join with their friends to build a powerful empire and rule the world," said Sid Meier. "Civilization World is a fun and engaging game that both fans of the series and fans of Facebook games will find immediately addictive, and we look forward to adding to the experience as the game continues to evolve in this dynamic new gaming world."

It's free, Flash-based and ready for you to conquer. I tried starting up a few times this morning but ran into game server errors. I bet everyone is trying to jump on right now. Perhaps I'll see you on later?

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