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Blade Kitten  

Reviewed: 5.5/10: Mediocre
( ps3 version reviewed )

Updated 03-17-2015
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Blade Kitten

Back in 2010, Atari published Blade Kitten, a middling sidescrolling action-platformer about a bounty hunter who is both a human and a cat. In the years since, developer Krome Studios (Ty the Tasmanian Tiger) acquired the rights to the game and has been steadily improving the Steam version with free updates leading up to this: the release of Blade Kitten: Episode 2.

The DLC's story picks up three months after the original's cliffhanger ending. "Kit has been living with her once bounty/rival, Justice Kreel, and now seeks to unravel the mysterious threads of the Magasse and their involvement in the troubles on Hollow Wish." Having never played Blade Kitten, those all sound like made-up words to me. But to see this thing through all these years later? Wow.

Episode 2 is $4.99 (or $4.49 if you buy before March 23) and adds five levels, a trio of new blades, and 15 costumes. I have to imagine costumes are rather important to this player base.

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