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Beyond The Labyrinth
/ 3ds


Beyond the Labyrinth gets a nice little trailer

Aug 25
Here's the first trailer for Konami's Beyond the Labyrinth, a very pretty 3DS game that I've been really keen on nabbing. It features a little girl being cute, which could get endearing or annoying depending on whether or not Konami hires a decent voice actor in the West.  Of course, given the state of Silent Hill HD Collection, that might be the big problem.  Still, video looks nice!

Beyond the Labyrinth still looks beautiful

Jul 25
Konami has been dishing out different screenshots to a variety of Japanese websites. We've got the humdrum 2D images, but if you go to the sites themselves -- 4Gamer, Dengeki, Famitsu, Impress Watch and&nb...

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