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Beyond: Two Souls
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Beyond: Two Souls

If you've been patiently making origami and waiting for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls to make it to PlayStation 4, I have good news - they're coming "soon now".

The official twitter account of developer Quantic Dream thanked fans for their patience, and said that a release date would shared shortly.

I found Beyond: Two Souls a trifle tedious, but Heavy Rain was extraordinary, regardless of what side of it's-a-game-no-it's-an-interactive-movie debate you fall. If you missed it the first time around, you really might want to check it out on the PS4.

When he reviewed it on release, Jim Sterling wasn't quite as engrossed as I was, saying that "ultimately, Heavy Rain is an experiment that both succeeded and failed, when it could easily have been a total success if the brains behind it weren't trying so hard to be smart, and cared more about providing a sensible plot as opposed to a shocking one."

"As a game, Heavy Rain is pretty good for the most part. Heavy Rain is just damn lucky it isn't the movie that it wishes so badly to be."

Insert your comment about OHMYGODI'MSOTIREDOFREMASTEREDGAMES in 3...2...1...

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