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Bayonetta 2  

Reviewed: 10/10: Flawless
( Wii-U version reviewed )

Updated 01-30-2015
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Bayonetta 2

Koubutsuya is helping Bayonetta lovers make a fashion statement with these hot new earrings which are an exact replica of Cereza's. The company is known for its quality reproductions of anime items aimed at adults who desire sophistication and fine worksmanship.

The earrings (approximately $148) are crafted of a solid azure resin, with alloy construction and titanium posts, and come packaged in a black velvet lined box emblazoned with the Bayonetta 2 logo. Pre-orders are open until March 16 at Kobutsuya's website, and the earrings will be available around April 24.

Bayonetta earrings a bewitching fashion statement, technically count as half a video game cosplay [RocketNews via GoNintendo]

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