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Battlefield 4  

Reviewed: 8/10: Great
( pc version reviewed )

Updated 01-08-2015
Xbox One
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Battlefield 4

YouTube user JackFrags might just be on the trail of another hidden beast in Battlefield 4, and whatever it is, it sounds far scarier than a giant monster shark. Listen for yourself at 0:20.

"I did a little snooping around in the game files," says JackFrags. "Basically selected every single audio file, added them to a playlist, and sat there, listening for an hour (cause I'm a massive nerd) and that one came up and completely took me by surprise. That's definitely not a sound I've heard before in-game, and it sounds amazing."

This mystery is far from solved, but fellow Easter egg hunter Element of Progress was able to find references to the multiplayer map Paracel Storm in the audio file. I hope it's the famed District Dafoe out for revenge, but it'll probably wind up being a Kraken or something.

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