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Battlefield 4
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Battlefield 4

The latest Battlefield 4 patch rolls out today.

Consequently, the multiplayer servers will be offline for up to an hour on each platform. The PC version rolls out at 08.00 UTC, PlayStation 4 09.00 UTC, Xbox One 10.00 UTC, PlayStation 3 11.00 UTC, and Xbox 360 12.00 UTC.

The Legacy Operations DLC - which adds the remake of Dragon Valley - will also be available later... well, on current-gen and PC, anyway. (Xbox 360 and PS3 owners won't be getting the free DLC owing to the size of the map. Sorry guys). 

The DLC was shaped by a community vote that took place almost a year ago, where Battlefield 4 fans were asked which map they’d like to see return the most, and the winning vote was the popular Battlefield 2 map Dragon Valley.

The DLC won't be auto-updated with the patch, so if you fancy it, head on over to your console's digital store and download it. 

Here’s exactly when Battlefield 4 gets today’s patch and free map [VG24/7]

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