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Battlefield 4
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Battlefield 4

DICE rolled out its spring update for Battlefield 4 today and it's substantial enough to warrant a pdf with highlights. The short of it is five new guns, the return of Battlefield 3's Gun Master mode, and a revamp of the damage, falloff, and suppression model (pictured below). "With this pass, we've touched every single weapon in the game -- and specifically how they play," the developer said.

There's the usual stability and netcode improvements as well, plus gameplay tweaks to encourage active, tactical play. Gun Master, if you're unfamiliar, gives players a new weapon each time they get two consecutive kills on an enemy. The first person to score a kill with the final weapon wins.

I'm contemplating peeking my head in, but I'll have to wade through a slew of updates first and, you know, that's going to be a whole thing. A Wi-Fi-draining, household-disrupting thing.

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