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Reviewed: 6.5/10: Alright
( xbox360 version reviewed )

Updated 04-06-2015
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If you pinned me to the ground, demanding a list of the Xbox 360’s best games, I can promise you Bastion would fall out of my terrified lips. I would also be very confused throughout the whole exchange, but as long as you let me go after I rattled off 15 or 20 games, I think I wouldn’t press charges.

By including the game on such an esteemed list, I’m not implying Bastion is flawless -- rather, it’s a very singular experience. It’s not mechanically engaging by any stretch, but the visuals and story are peerless, enhanced by a soundtrack I still listen to four years later. This game would be a steal at $20 -- selling it for $15 is a crime.

And now you can get it on the PlayStation 4! Bastion is still easily worth the price of admission, especially on this new generation’s most popular console. But unless you’ve been jonesing to play the game again and you have no other way of getting to it, there’s nothing special here; nothing that necessitates a return trip. I feel confident saying Bastion is going to win a lot of new fans on the PlayStation -- emphasis on the ‘new’.

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