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Just in time for Independence Day, the testosterone soaked, uber-patriotic Broforce is getting a synthoil injection of content by way of its “Freedom Update.” Featuring two new bros to mangle commies and protect liberty with, we have the appropriately “FREEEEEDOM!” loving William Wallace of Braveheart, and the slightly less thematically appropriate jet-pack wearing Rocketeer. Whatever, the dude kicked Nazi's off the side of a blimp, he's always welcome in my books.

The update also adds a slew of new melee weapons to puncture, rip, and smash the vaguely defined forces of tyranny. You can make a mess of things with a chainsaw, tickle some ribs with a pair of knives, or just uppercut some dudes with a big beefy fist.

Speaking of beef, the bros have gained the ability to momentarily pause their relentless war on terror to flex it out and put on a fleshy gunshow. Nice.

If you feel like expressing your patriotism, now is the time to do it. Broforce is 33% off on Steam from now until Monday. You know what they say, the Founding Fathers would die for their freedom, but they lived for a good bargain.

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