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Attack on Titan: Last Wings of Humanity  

Updated 10-21-2014
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Attack on Titan: Last Wings of Humanity

Atlus USA is localizing Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind for Nintendo 3DS, according to a rating released today by the Australian Classification Board.

Spike Chunsoft initially published the action game in Japan late last year, and plans to release an enhanced version subtitled Chain in the country this December. Given Chain's new features include online multiplayer modes and the Australian listing mentions "online interactivity," it seems likely Atlus is working on the expansion rather than the original.

Attack on Titan is a popular manga and anime series set in a world where gigantic humanoid creatures have driven humanity to near-extinction. The last vestiges of mankind are left to hide behind a series of walls while the armed forces search for a way to defeat the cryptic predators.

Attack on Titan [Australian Classification via NeoGAF]

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