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Astebreed is finally warping to PlayStation 4 on June 25, Playism announced today.

The shoot-'em-up comes from doujin studio Edelweiss and was actually among my favorite games released last year when it debuted on PC. In addition to being just plain gorgeous, the game shakes things up with a dynamic camera that is constantly darting around the battlefield.

Another really engaging aspect of the title is the "Lucis System," which allows pilots to send out a swarm of nodes that will surround your enemies and attack them independently. Of course, there's a drawback to this, as it limits your ship's firepower -- forcing you to rely on your sword.

I've been playing the Japanese version of the PS4 release since it landed on PlayStation Network a couple months ago, and have been really impressed by some of the graphical upgrades and various other additions Edelweiss has made over the past year.

Definitely keep an eye out for it when it launches on PSN in a couple weeks for $19.99. 

Cinematic Shooter Astebreed Coming to PS4 June 25th [PlayStation Blog]

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