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Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
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Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

I have always been interested in playing Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, but have never had an opportunity. A team had it set up at Phoenix Comicon a couple years ago, but the room was booked for the whole weekend, so I was only able to sit and watch. Even then, it's fascinating to see people fail at the asymmetric cooperative simulation.

Opportunities to actually play will presumably be much more prevalent at Artemis Armada One, the first ever convention dedicated to the sci-fi indie title. It is set to take place in Cleveland on April 10-12, with the capability of running up two 20 different bridges (120 players) simultaneously. In addition to being a place to actually play, another neat thing is that there will be scripted battles whose results will go down in Artemis canon.

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