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Art Academy
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Be a better class of artist with Wii U's Art Academy

Learn to draw Nintendo characters in style
Jun 10
Nintendo really wants to teach you how to draw. They're sick of your stick figure Mario scribblings and they want to see improved fan art on the horizon. Thus, the Wii U version of Art Academy was born. Learn to draw your ow...

More tools for Miiverse with Art Academy Wii U

My stick art is now in color!
Jun 11
If it's one thing that has surprised the folks at Nintendo more than anything it's all the fantastic art that has been made within the Miiverse from its fairly primitive tool set. Inspired by this, Nintendo has announced a new version of Art Academy for the Wii U. No release information has been given, but I'm all ready excited to see all the wonderful new fan art that is sure to arise.

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