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Updated 02-26-2015
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Ooh, a chance to talk about clay animation and armatures without straying away from videogames. Better jump on it. This video takes us behind the scenes of Armikrog, a point-and-click adventure that made it through Kickstarter in 2013 and should be playable before too long here.

I had honestly forgotten the game was still in production. Coming off of the visual splendor of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, which I don't want to end, that's a real treat to hear. Instead of tapping on a pink puffball, we'll get to boss around Tommynaut, an astronaut who "tends to move in what he thinks are heroic poses." He also has a blind alien dog sidekick. Should be entertaining.

Armikrog is headed to Windows, Mac, and Linux this spring, and Wii U eventually. Glad to see console support, but I don't want to miss out by staring at the GamePad screen the whole time.

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