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Reviewed: 3/10: Poor
( pc version reviewed )

Updated 08-03-2012
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I enjoy point-and-click horror games very much. They've been an obsession of mine for a few years, drawing upon my nostalgia for my first PC love, Myst, and my attraction to suspense and intrigue. I love miring through the inherent flaws inevitable in a low-budget indie game to find that diamond-in-the-rough experience. In return, I'm often rewarded with a long-lasting chill that prints an indelible mark on my psyche, leaving an impact that inspires me as a writer and challenges me as a person.

Unfortunately, Anna offered none of that. Was that buildup a complete disappointment? So was Anna's. When I saw the screenshots and felt a mainstream anticipation for this game, I had hope that it would add some respectability to an oft-overlooked genre. Unfortunately, the biggest horror Anna offers is the one that came over me when I realized that as a reviewer I had no choice but to finish the game.

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