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Pirates and Vikings have a lot of things in common. Pillaging, raiding, exploration, and adventure -- these are their shared loves. One could be forgiven for assuming that they might even be able to get along, but that is most certainly not the case in AirBuccaneers.

Relieving themselves of their sea-trapped ships, they took to the skies in rickety wooden airships, suspended in the clouds by patched up balloons. Unfortunately, there was not enough booty to go around, and there was only room in the sky for one group of raiders. War was inevitable. 

As AirBuccaneers contained three of my favorite things -- namely pirates, Vikings, and airships -- I didn't find it hard to get behind its ridiculous premise. Underneath the absurdity and, let's face it, pandering, there is a surprisingly robust multiplayer experience to be had. There's depth that I never expected when I first started playing, and, more importantly, it's immensely fun.

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