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Air Band  

Updated 08-17-2011
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Air Band

Your dreams of being in a band without having to actually play any instruments -- or touching anything for that matter -- are about to come true. Microsoft has announced that it's bringing Air Band to Kinect Fun Labs next week.

GameSpot went hands on with this thing and it doesn't even really sound like a game at all. You stand in front of the Kinect sensor and choose from one of three instruments: a neon guitar, a keyboard, and a drum kit. You'll then pick a musical style, including but not limited to rock and country, and then you jam.

Now, you're not playing the music or even playing along with the music, mind you. It sounds like your image simply appears on the screen with the instrument in your hand, and will move in real time as you shake around. You can then capture video and upload it to Microsoft's Kinect sharing services. Because that won't be hella embarrassing or anything.

It's out August 22, and it'll run you 240 Microsoft points.

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