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Aion players have something to look forward to as update 2.7 is steadily approaching. This new update brings with it a lot of PvP content and tweaks for existing skills, pets, and quests. A quick overview of this update definitely makes it seem like one to look out for.

Designed for high-level players, the Crucible Coliseum is a "timed instance where players fight each other to the finish." The PvP action takes place in either the Arena of Chaos, a free-for-all arena, or the Arena of Discipline, a one-on-one fight. You can't, however, take part in these battles whenever you want as there are only certain times when they are open. 

There's also an update to the dragon's lair Padmarashka's Cave, allowing up to forty-eight players of at least level 55 into the area to take on Padmarashka. High-level content is always something to be applauded since, in my experience, that's where many MMOs take the biggest hit.

If you simply can't wait to start playing this content, head over to the Aion Public Test Server (PTS) and try it out for yourself! There's plenty more I haven't mentioned, so be sure to check out the official update page for more info.

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