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Destiny: The Taken King

The Special Order vendor Tess Everis is returning to Destiny, and bringing 18 new emotes with her. The downside? You won't be able to buy the new dances with Glimmer, Destiny's in-game currency.

Instead, players will need to purchase a new premium currency, Silver, with actual cash via the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace to acquire anything Tess and the Eververse Trading Company have for sale. Tess, the new emotes, and detailed pricing information will show up on October 13 during the weekly reset. Current players will receive a small amount of Silver for free at that time, which should be enough to take one or two of the new emotes for a test ride.

I've never been one for microtransactions, but at least Bungie isn't hiding powerful items behind paywalls. Truth be told, I'll probably throw money at this, but only if the new emotes are better than The Taken King's terrible Warlock dance.

Introducing Eververse Trading Company [Bungie]

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