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When Cliff Bleszinski formed Boss Key Productions to create the game now known as LawBreakers, he always knew that free-to-play was the model he wanted. That statement's not as black and white as it sounds. There's a lot of in-between when you're dealing with that monetization scheme. Bleszinski (like all developers, truthfully) says he wants to do free-to-play right.

Speaking with us at PAX Prime in Seattle, Bleszinski talked about the stigma that experienced gamers may have toward free-to-play. "It's the idea of perceived value. Core gamers have seen free-to-play as a dirty, dirty thing. I can respect that. The amount of money I've spent on free-to-play games is very little. I don't go full A Beautiful Mind on it, but I can kind of see where this is going. So, when it comes to Hearthstone, I'm just like 'Here's $60, just give me the fucking packs.'"

The rub lies within the fact that not everyone can just drop $60 on Hearthstone packs. Bleszinski knows this and realizes that it's essential that you're able to cater to those at both ends of the spectrum. "We maybe have a program where if you want early access, give us $15 or $20," he said. "Then you can play the game before anybody else and then maybe get a super discount on the initial pack of stuff that other people pay a few bucks for. It's like open-world. How open-world are you? We want to be good free-to-play, not Vegas/mobile free-to-play."

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