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Pre-order The Amazing Spider-Man to play as Stan Lee

11:30 AM on 05.09.2012

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

I'm taking a wait-and-see approach with The Amazing Spider-Man, so pre-ordering isn't exactly on my mind in any meaningful capacity. That said, the game does interest me more than the last few to come out, and the (Xbox 360- and PS3-only) bonuses for putting money down ahead of the June 26 launch sound pretty great.

GameStop is offering "The Rhino Challenge," a timed event in which you, as the Rhino, must break as much of New York City as possible. Meanwhile, Amazon has a mission with a playable Stan Lee, fully voiced by Lee himself. He's mysteriously gained Spider-Man's abilities and must collect pages of a script while making humorous remarks. As you do.

Naturally, we then get to the problem where both bonuses have their own appeal. The Rhino stuff sounds more enjoyable from a gameplay perspective, but Stan Lee? Come on, that's not fair.


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Jordan Devore
Managing Editor

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