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Portal shenanigans get deeper, could Portal 2 be coming?

9:20 AM on 03.02.2010 // Jim Sterling

Valve's chicanery with Portal continues, and the community is lapping it up. As you may have heard by now, Portal was updated last night with a new Steam Achievement and some strange radio messages. Naturally, Valve's fans have been digging deep in code, cracking hidden messages, and turning the whole thing into a major conspiracy. 

A number of bizarre images have been found, and it all seems to be leading to something big. Valve itself has refused to come forward and help anybody out, so right now it's up to the fans to run around like chickens and work out what's happening.

Right now, the most popular theory is that Portal 2 is on the cards. We can't say for sure, but it's really quite fun watching the Steam community run round in circles. 

Radio Sounds - Images processed! [Steam Forums]

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