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Plants Vs Zombies Casino?! PopCap goes URL crazy

4:40 PM on 08.10.2010
Plants Vs Zombies Casino?! PopCap goes URL crazy photo

What is this? There's a ton of n ew domains that look to have been created by PopCap. I don't know what they're for, but some of the names are really interesting.

A lot of their big franchises are represented: Bejeweled, Chuzzle, Peggle, PvZ, and my favorite Zuma. There seems to be a set for each franchise, with words like bingo, keno, lottery, lotto, poker, scratch and slots tied to them. They're all gambing related!

Hey, this could combine two of my loves: puzzle games and gambling. I'd totally rock a Plants vs. Zombies video slot machine. I'd scratch off Peggle lottery cards daily! Just imagine a PopCap themed casino. Wow!

Any guesses to what these URLs would be used for? See the full list after the jump.

[via superannuation]

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