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Perfect World wants to send you to PAX

2:00 AM on 07.19.2011

Liam Fisher


Perfect World Entertainment, known for their already impressive stable of free-to-play MMOs, has announced their plans to attend this years PAX in Seattle to hype their next game, Rusty Hearts; they're pretty excited. So excited in fact, that they want to take you (yes, you) and a friend along for the ride.

Every single person who registers for Rusty Hearts and enters a beta access code will be entered to win a PAX Prize Package courtesy of Perfect World. Said package includes three-day access to the convention, round trip airfare, and "an awesome night of hanging out and having dinner with some of the Rusty Hearts developers and producers."Sounds good to me. Now you may have noticed that we're giving away 5,000 Beta codes; convenient, I know. Lucky for you there are definitely still codes available and you've still got a week to get registered. Get moving!

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Liam Fisher
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