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PAX 09: Get a gander at the show floor

11:02 PM on 09.04.2009  ·  Colette Bennett

The first thought I had while walking the PAX show floor this year and taking pictures was that I was amazed how much it had grown since the first time I came in 2007 -- it's literally three times the size it was back then. The Destructoid community gathering leveled up significantly as well, but pictures of that will come later.

As you can see from the gallery, the booths this year are bigger than better than ever. The standout for me was the mechanical bull at the Darksiders booth, which editor-in-chief Nick Chester rode this morning and managed to not be thrown off of for a respectably long period of time. I also really dug the 2K booth with a plentiful selection of Borderlands to play,the always-thrilling Pink Godzilla, and best of all, the Blizzard boothwhere I got to finally lay my quivering hands on Diablo 3. It was ridiculously wonderful. Wish you all were here!


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