*Our Gran Turismo 6 review will be late
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Our Gran Turismo 6 review will be late

12:20 AM on 12.06.2013  ยท  Dale North@DaleNorth


I've been playing Gran Turismo 6 for so many hours that I can no longer see straight. I'm not pulling your leg when I say that I dreamed about Gran Turismo last night. I had racing stress dreams, folks.

So what's the hold-up on the review? It seems that Sony is having technical difficulties in getting the online side of the game up for us to test. So while the review embargo will be up in a matter of minutes, we can't send our review out into the world without touching on the online portion of the game.

Hold tight. 

\ We've blogged about this before: read (12) back stories 


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#Gran Turismo #PS3 #Racing Games
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