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Ouendan 2 screens and songs -- time to jump for joy!

4:53 PM on 04.11.2007 // 8BitBrian

Attack the weak spot for massive damage! 

Well, Famitsu brings us word about what's going on in Ouendan 2: the same set of moves are available, four player multiplayer support, etc. The exciting bit is at the end, where the article brings word of twelve of the songs that are to be in the game.

Thanks to the work of Kia, Japanator's resident music whiz, here are some of the songs appearing:

*"Go my way" by Hitomi Yaida
*"POP STAR" by Ken Hirai
*"Ban Bina" by Tomoyasu Hotei
*"Believe" by Ayaka
*"Vista" by Going Underground
*"Zenryoko Shonen" by Sukima Switch
*"Rirurariruha" by Kaela Kimura
*"Kibun Ue Ue ↑↑" by Minimaru GT
*"BANG! BANG! Vacation" by Smap
*"Shonen Heart" by Homemade Kazoku
*"Julia Heartbreak" by Checkers
*"Okuru Kotoba" by Flow

So, excited yet? Check out some of the awesome screens that came with the article. The one up top just screams, "Attack the weak spot for massive damage!"

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