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Fake game Friday: The Manicurist

This week's fake game comes from forumite Adamska. It's called The Manicurist, and it looks to revolutionize the way gamers virtually clip their nails. Always dreamed of clipping nails all day, every day, but eventua...   more

A comprehensive list of video game characters I would have sex with

We all know that the world of video gaming characters is a tragically shallow one. For the most part, the men serve only to look tough whilst killing people, and the women serve only to titilate. In a realm of relatively sim...   more

The Legend of Neil; Best Legend of Zelda spoof ever

A new series was just released by EffinFunny called the Legend of Neil- Episode 1. The premise is that Neil was getting drunk and playing The Legend of Zelda one night. While he was playing, he started to masturbate to the f...   more

Adult Swim's 'Bible Fight' is blaspheveryone

It's not exactly Capoeira Fighter or anything, but Adult Swim's Bible Fight makes up for its gameplay flaws with good, old-fashioned, hilarious blasphemy.That's right -- you can play as one of six characters from...   more

The Simpsons spoof World of Warcraft

Last night, The Simpsons pulled a South Park and had a World of Warcraft themed episode. The episode starts off with Marge and Homer at a PTA meeting. When it comes time for the parents to give out their e-mails, Springfield ...   more

Another boob list: Geek lotion stock refilled

Boobs and video games: They pretty much are like peanut butter and jelly. And, for sites like us and others with the maturity level of an 8th grader, we bank heavily on the fact that the majority of you bottom-dwellers do...   more

OMG Ponies! Gears of War mod chips run the game on any console EVAR

We are gathered here today to set the record straight once and for all. You simply cannot run Gears of War on the PlayStation 3. Can't happen. No way. It would take the army of people at Epic (you know, that actually mad...   more

Prison sex: Your future via Half-Life

Half-Life 2 is good for two things: Great gameplay and Gary's Mod. The latest Gary's Mod creation is a set of disturbing sexual positions that for anyone who has spent time in County, knows all to well. Pick a favorite and try it with your buddy! Don't drop the soap kids.[Via The Feast, thanks Jason]   more

Prison sex: Your future via Half-Life photo
Prison sex: Your future via Half-Life photo
Prison sex: Your future via Half-Life photo
Prison sex: Your future via Half-Life photo
Prison sex: Your future via Half-Life photo
Prison sex: Your future via Half-Life photo

Wii Toaster: Friend codes needed for extra dark mode

Trying to reach every person out there who has not yet gamed -- I hear there's a hut in the Congo that has yet to play Wii Sports -- Nintendo looks to take over the burnt bread market with Wii Toaster! This revolution of...   more

Is Too Human our next-gen Daikatana?

Too Human, judging by the six page glossy "feature" and cover story in a recent EGM (we're guessing that set them back at least $100k, and boy what a psychological fish tale it was!), is supposed to be the next...   more

Ergopod: just in time for Burning Crusade

BoingBoing is running a feature on the accidentally best selling Warcraft: Burning Crusade accessory ever made: The Ergopod. The desk was originally designed for invalids (that have never heard of laptops and would be stupid...   more

Ergopod: just in time for Burning Crusade photo

Save the dinosaurs, get free gaming mags

The magazine publishing industry needs your help. Actually, it doesn't -- it needs you to forget that video game news is not readily available and more current on the internet. It also needs you to muster up that nostalgi...   more

Save the dinosaurs, get free gaming mags photo

Super fake PSP2 surfaces; fake just got real fake

Think of this post as a preemptive diffuser to what will surely be a million Sony fanboys flooding gaming sites and blogs everywhere with what they believe will be the "real" PSP2. This is a fake folks. Got it, fake...   more

Super fake PSP2 surfaces; fake just got real fake photo

The PlayStation 3's power = British women stacking plastic cups

You can't push American commercials on the British people. It does not make sense. Europeans have a different way about them, different tastes and sensibilities. For this reason, the ads we saw for the PS3 in the US simp...   more

Lost Planet proves that humans are dicks

 Lost Planet is out today, first of all. Second of all, I'm only a few hours into it (for Destructoid's impression, look for a comprehensive multi-author review in a couple of weeks), and I already detest the hum...   more

Irony is best served by Rich "Birds Nest In My Hair" Kyanka

Something Awful, that site that your mother would have warned you about if she wasn't afraid of the computer, has an update today that speaks to the idiocy of the internet when it comes to video games. It takes a look bac...   more

Irony is best served by Rich

A tube sock homage to Dragon Warrior

Based loosely on the plot of the classic NES game Dragon Warrior 1 (but set in part 4? for a split second) this is a short film about tube socks tasked to slay a dragon, played by some guy's illustrated arm in a larger tu...   more

Pimp My Ride video game interview parody

Remember that Wii bowling video we recently ran? Of course you do. It was the work of the guys at Epileptic Gaming. They just made another video that is funny on oh so many levels. It's a fake interview with the "pr...   more

How not to use your Wiimote as a projectile device - DTOID REMIX!

Please allow me to cut through all of the niceties and help Nintendo say what they really need to say in their most recent Wii love note, as if we don't get interrupted by it every time we turn on the console AND start a ...   more

How not to use your Wiimote as a projectile device - DTOID REMIX! photo

More Japanese Wii manual photos

     The guys at Theiconfactory "discovered" some more helpful tips from the Japanese Wii instruction manual. I'm really thankful that all of this was put out on the Internet, because if I e...   more

More Japanese Wii manual photos photo
More Japanese Wii manual photos photo
More Japanese Wii manual photos photo
More Japanese Wii manual photos photo
More Japanese Wii manual photos photo
More Japanese Wii manual photos photo

Protect yourself. Get the wiimote waiver

While some of us are raving in the dark with our Wiis in bliss, a growing part of the population with slippery hands and unruly children are destroying their houses. Now, it's easy to criticize and poke fun of people wit...   more

Protect yourself. Get the wiimote waiver photo

Why pay $1000+ on Ebay for a PS3?
Get on Craigslist and Rent-a-chump

Do you have a little money to burn but not enough to compete with Madison Avenue asswads who will drop 2 grand for a PS3? Don't be foolish -- instead, you can leverage the power of capitalism and hire some enduring bastard ...   more

A Night at the Roxbury Silent Hill

Poor Haddaway, he must be cursing the day his agent licensed that song to Paramount. What was once a runaway pop hit ... is now the butt of all nightclub comedy sketches. In this gamer's version, we bring you footage of on...   more

Inside The Game: The Watts Brothers

"If I could look at Zelda and tell her one thing in the face, then I would tell her... I love you... I love you." Many NES fans don't know about these 25 year olds who are single handedly responsible for every bit and byte...   more

North Korea's top game: Supa Atom Kim!

What do you get when you mix Super Mario Brothers, shiny shoes, and a volatile Asian government with nuclear power? SUPER ATOM KIM! The parody game be in German, but you're not going to miss a beat. Mad props to PaulvsDave for nuking us with humor.   more

The Nintendo DS: Better than your God?

In an effort to create a flamewar the likes of which the internet has never seen, and to possibly have Nex burned at the stake, we convinced him to post this. It doesn't necessarily reflect the opinions of the other editors...   more

Not SNK's businessplan for the Wii

While the Wii has recently come under fire for under-delivering graphical viagra, supporters strongly stand behind the system's unique and immersive play control possibilities. It will be imperative for the system's long-te...   more

The Nintendo Wii sucks (and will come in third)

In a blatant rip-off of Sheir's rather masculine article about how the PS3 sucks and will come in third, I will take a virtual sh*t on his pick for next-gen success, the Wii. Label me a Ninten-hater if you'd like (even tho...   more

MC Pee Pants (mc chris): A tribute

I'm sorry, but I still can't get enough of that Kingdom Hearts 2 video (shown above) and in tribute to it, I thought I'd give you all some more MC Pee Pants love (or as the fans want to say, some mc chris love). Yeah, this ...   more

Games journalism came: Polydong.com

You'll know that you've made it when Destructoid makes a dick joke about you. By now, you've surely heard of Polygon, the new gaming portal by the people that ruined Engadget. Congratulations to Chris, Brian, and the whole cr...   more

Games journalism came: Polydong.com photo

Assassin’s Creed - The big AssBox

ElFergie sends word that PlayAsia is selling a deluxe version of Assassin’s Creed which includes a 12" figure and the Xbox 360 game in a large package which, for the purposes of this article, will be called The AssBox. Un...   more

The King of all Cosmos faces child abuse charges

Anyone else think that the King of All Cosmos was a little abusive towards his son, The Prince in Katamari Damacy? Well Evil Andy did, and so he's sending the King off to court in his fan fiction news article called "Katam...   more

The PS3 Sucks (And will come in third.)

The console wars are heated these days. Opinions fly about like... potatoes. Of the mashed variety. In a comical food fight. Every gaming site you visit, the fanboys and fangirls (let's keep this article PC to the max) jump...   more

Machinima Festival makes return in November

Do you love machinima? Oh sweet Jesus, why am I even asking? Of course you do. So, if you live in the New York area and want to view the best of the best in machinima or as the PR heads call it, the "Sundance for the Video ...   more

Street Fighter contributes to racial tension

One o'clock in the morning is what I like to call the doldrums -- not exactly prime news time. Most of the traffic we get during the wee hours is for the Nerdcore posts. Go figure. Anyway, if you're looking for a quick read...   more

Ethan Albright hates being bad at football

Ethan Albright. Don't know him? Well now you will. It turns out Mr. Albright is a less-than-perfect lineman for the Washington Redskins. In fact, he's downright awful. At least, according to Madden '07 he is -- they list hi...   more

Ethan Albright hates being bad at football

Ethan Albright. Don't know him? Well now you will. It turns out Mr. Albright is a less-than-perfect lineman for the Washington Redskins. In fact, he's downright awful. At least, according to Madden '07 he is -- they list hi...   more

Ethan Albright hates being bad at football

Ethan Albright. Don't know him? Well now you will. It turns out Mr. Albright is a less-than-perfect lineman for the Washington Redskins. In fact, he's downright awful. At least, according to Madden '07 he is -- they list hi...   more

Prince of Persia, Metal Gear Awesome

Who knew, MTV isn't completely worthless to gamers after all. Harmonix purchase aside, they're syndicating some excellent content from a talented NewGrounds artist Egoraptor, creator of some of the best video game satire c...   more

Geek on Stun: The best TGS wrap-up

I love Geek on Stun. I have for some time, so whenever they get around to posting something new (which is too far and few in between), I make sure to read every honest insight they provide. Their latest entry concerns the a...   more

Kotaku offered some Wiid, we let out a Wiif

A phony tipster sent in a clearly Photoshopped accessory (weird crop marks, improper use of logo kerning typography, cheesy guassian blur effects on the reflection, not snobby enough approach, etc.) external DVD accessory t...   more

Reminder: Dtoid ad contest ends in two days!

Just a friendly reminder for those looking to score a free copy of Bomberman for the PSP that the Destructoid "Make us an ad!" contest is close to being over. So far, we've received a couple good entries, but the door is st...   more

Destructoid Photoshop winners

Congrats to the minds behind these two grand prize winners for the Destructoid Photoshop contest. Each will be mailed a copy of Mech Assault Phantom War for the DS. Check after the jump for second, third, and two others worthy of being spotlighted. Second Place Third Place Close, but no cigar   more

How boys go to the bathroom ... as shown by way of the Sims

OK fellas, if you're new to the public restroom game, then you must check out this Sims machinima video on proper bathroom etiquette. You'll learn about noises, stall placement, and other details that make for the perfect bodily release experience for all. So, grab your notebook and learn a thing or two with this. [Via Kotaku]   more

Trogdor reference in Final Fantasy; others

The Man has me travelling a lot lately for work, so the only opportunities to game between the cracks have been on my cracked DS. Among other Minish titles, I've recently picked up Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls (Gameboy Adva...   more

Weekend Destructainment: 20 Videos of awesomeness

Halo: 10 Ways To Know If Your A Noob For some reason, I feel the need to explain Weekend Dtoidment to you all. Many of our friends post their wonderful finds throughout internet-land on a daily bases as their own separate ...   more

YTMND Thursday 09/14/06 Saturday 09/16

Sorry for the delay! There's a good reason for the delay, but do you really care? Enjoy the YTMNDS!!! King Koopa sucks at Duck Hunt Piranha Plants destroy the city! Squritle Boy, I choose you!!! Snakes in a Final Fanta...   more

Super Mario Irwin

Ok, it's one thing to make a game about getting revenge for Steve Irwins death, but to make a video like this? It's taking things to far. Especially using the Mario Bros theme to get your message across is quite tasteless...   more

Greatest. Music. Video. Ever.

I’m not gonna bombard you with any unnecessary jibber jabber, but instead just let you see for yourself why this Garry’s Mod music video is so friggin’ awesome. For more videos hit the dtoid archives. [Via Kotaku]   more

Sid Meier's Civilization, the reality show

It takes serious engineering to build an empire that stands the test of time. Among them is how to deal with millions of people defocating on your carrot patches. In this video spoof of Civilization, Roman wise men have discovered the secret of sanitation. Watch with amazement as hilarity ensues.   more