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Indie Nation #37: Cottage of Doom

With Left 4 Dead less than a month away, and my "Top Ten Most Badass Zombie Games" list still a glimmer in my eye, I thought it'd be worth mentioning one of the coolest zombie-related indie games in recent memory. Cottage of ...   more

Indie Nation #37: Cottage of Doom photo

Indie Nation #36: Karoshi 2

Karoshi 2.0 is the following things: -Insane -Clever -Hilarious -Rule-breaking -Free, and downloadable here. Since much of Karoshi 2.0's charm comes from its ability to consistently surprise and befuddle the player, I won't s...   more

Indie Nation #36: Karoshi 2 photo

Indie Nation #35: World of Goo

It's not technically out until Monday, but World of Goo is so awesome that I just plain didn't want to wait to talk about it. I was initially exposed to it during GDC, and though I found it marginally interesting, it wasn't a...   more

Indie Nation #35: World of Goo photo

Indie Nation #34: I'm O.K.

What with Jacky Thompson being disbarred and all, why not revisit the greatest JT-related indie game ever made? I'm O.K., for those of you who don't remember, was created following Thompson's "modest video game proposal," in ...   more

Indie Nation #34: I'm O.K. photo

Indie Nation #33: Mega Man 7, the 8-bit version

It's been a very Mega Man-filled week, and don't expect it to stop anytime soon. I've hopefully got a Rockman-related video coming next week, and, before writing his review of Mega Man 9, our own Jonathan Holmes alerted me to...   more

Indie Nation #33: Mega Man 7, the 8-bit version photo

Indie Nation #32: Iji

There hasn't been a balls-out action title highlighted on Indie Nation as of recent, and more than a few people have suggested spotlighting Daniel Remar's Iji. Though it doesn't do anything particularly new, what it does it d...   more

Indie Nation #32: Iji photo

Indie Nation #31: Mount & Blade

I've held back on highlighting this week's game for quite a while, now. I've been playing Mount and Blade for a couple of years, since it was in the very early stage of development. As the husband-wife creative team have adde...   more

Indie Nation #31: Mount & Blade photo

Indie Nation #30: Masq

I am assuming that everyone on this site has read at least one Choose Your Own Adventure book in their time. As a child, they were the only books in the entire elementary school library I felt no apprehension toward; with the...   more

Indie Nation #30: Masq photo

Indie Nation #29: Knytt Stories

The original Knytt is, as much as any two-year-old game with an intentionally low-res graphical style can be, an indie classic. It combined the isolated feeling of Shadow of the Colossus with the large-scale exploration of Me...   more

Indie Nation #29: Knytt Stories photo

Indie Nation #28: Photopia

Where Indie Nation is concerned, I usually make a quick plug for the game before the jump, then halfheartedly tell you to download the game first and maybe hit the jump later to hear my disjointed, irrelevant thoughts on it. ...   more

Indie Nation #28: Photopia photo

Indie Nation #27: Cowboyana

I highlight this week's Indie Nation game with a slight hint of sadness: as much as I enjoy this game, I am more or less incapable of playing it any more, now that I am back home. You see, Cowboyana is a mandatory two-player ...   more

Indie Nation #27: Cowboyana photo

Indie Nation #26: Urban Dead

I was going to retract my statement from last week and proclaim that this, is, in fact, my second favorite indie zombie game ever, but that's kinda dumb: rating your favorite indie zombie games is like trying to pick favorite...   more

Indie Nation #26: Urban Dead photo

Indie Nation #25: The Last Stand 2

I love zombies. More than you do. I keep a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide by my bed just in case I ever need to get at it in a hurry, I've watched Dawn of the Dead more times than I can count, and my ultimate dream is to m...   more

Indie Nation #25: The Last Stand 2 photo

Indie Nation #24: Warning Forever

This week, announced the winners of their Procedural Generation competition, wherein contestants had to create games based around some degree of procedural generation. You should definitely check them out, as th...   more

Indie Nation #24: Warning Forever photo

Indie Nation #23: Steam Brigade

Given last week's highlighted Indie Nation title (Gun Mute, an awesome text adventure shooter), I thought it'd be fun to highlight yet another game that melds two gameplay genres you might not expect to work together. Steam B...   more

Indie Nation #23: Steam Brigade photo

Indie Nation #22: Gun Mute

Gun Mute is a text adventure shooter. Gun Mute is a text adventure shooter. GUN MUTE IS A TEXT ADVENTURE SHOOTER. There is no reason a text adventure shooting game should exist, in today's world. There's even less reason that...   more

Indie Nation #22: Gun Mute photo

Indie Nation #21: Gish

I honestly dunno what prompted my desire to replay and write about Gish. The game is several years old, hasn't experienced a significant price drop, and no recent news has been released about the sequel. I just had one of tho...   more

Indie Nation #21: Gish photo

Indie Nation #20: Love

After the psychological mindf*ck metagame that was Execution, this week's Indie Nation goes back to basics. There are no anti-war messages, questions of murder and consequence, or really any theme at all in Love. Dtoider Blak...   more

Indie Nation #20: Love photo

Indie Nation #19: Execution

Sharpless turned me on to this week's game, Execution. He gave me only two instructions, which I will pass onto you and demand you follow to the letter:  1. Do not read any of the comments or replies on the game's offici...   more

Indie Nation #19: Execution photo

Indie Nation #18: Everyday Shooter

If you're one of those "people" who either owns a PS3 or is friends with someone who owns one, then this week's Indie Nation may be totally useless to you. If, like me and so many others, your first chance to actually play Ev...   more

Indie Nation #18: Everyday Shooter photo

Indie Nation #17: Dino Run

Tiff announced the release of Pixeljam's latest game earlier this week, and I'm here to echo her sentiments:  1. It is a good game. 2. Play it.  However, if you need more convincing, or an in-depth critique of the g...   more

Indie Nation #17: Dino Run photo

Indie Nation #16: Noitu Love 2: Devolution

God, this game is sexy.  I mean, I usually spooge about pretty much every game I highlight on Indie Nation to the point where it becomes almost expected, but I swear that my enthusiasm for Noitu Love 2 is completely just...   more

Indie Nation #16: Noitu Love 2: Devolution photo

Indie Nation #15: Clean Asia!

If you only download one free shmup this year, make it Clean Asia!. Granted, it's a pretty good thing that you don't have to download just one shmup (were this the case, future Indie Nation articles might be horrendously disa...   more

Indie Nation #15: Clean Asia! photo

Indie Nation #14: GUNLIMB

GUNLIMB has  controls that, while cute in theory, fall apart about 50% of the time when actually implemented. Its level design is "eh," its backgrounds and enemy designs are ugly, and it doesn't push its main gameplay co...   more

Indie Nation #14: GUNLIMB photo

Indie Nation #13: Gamma Bros

I'm going to take a wild guess: a significant number of you may have seen Gamma Bros, and maybe even played it for a few minutes, but never finished it. I do not necessarily blame you: Gamma Bros is quiet, difficult, and pret...   more

Indie Nation #13: Gamma Bros photo

Indie Nation #12: Rose and Camellia

"Newly wed to Shunsuke, eldest son of the historied Tsubakikoji family, Reiko suffers the loss of her husband the very next day. Under the cruel and unceasing mockery of the ari...   more

Indie Nation #12: Rose and Camellia photo

Indie Nation #11: Polarity

What Portal did for portals, what Braid will do for time manipulation, Polarity does for magnetism. A free, downloadable, totally awesome puzzle-platformer, Polarity is all about using different types of magnetism to make it ...   more

Indie Nation #11: Polarity photo

Indie Nation #10: Synaesthete

Yes, that is the ugliest post picture ever created. Don't let it dissuade you from playing this awesome game. I've been putting off an Indie Nation article on Synaesthete for a while now, partially because I wanted to chronol...   more

Indie Nation #10: Synaesthete photo

Indie Nation #8/9: Games of the creative process

I missed last Friday's Indie Nation. Apologies. I still wanna do one for this Friday, though, so just consider this a really, really late installment of the series. This time around, I'm gonna slightly break from the formula:...   more

Indie Nation #8/9: Games of the creative process photo

Indie Nation #7: Black Shades

On this week's Podtoid, we discussed how much escort missions suck. You know what I'm talking about; when a game suddenly puts a blind, half-retarded friendly NPC in your care and forces you to protect them at all costs while...   more

Indie Nation #7: Black Shades photo

Indie Nation #6: Cave Story

How does one even begin to do justice to Cave Story? Lengthy, clever, and beautiful, this incredible Metroid-esque side scroller is not only one of the single best indie games ever made, but also one of the most important. Da...   more

Indie Nation #6: Cave Story photo

Indie Nation #5: Sonic Invaders

You have never, ever played anything like Sonic Invaders. Ever. Why, you ask? What makes Sonic Invaders so special, especially when compared with the epic action-RPG parody that was Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden? How could...   more

Indie Nation #5: Sonic Invaders photo

Indie Nation #4: Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

Before you get irritated, just give me a moment. I know we recently did a story on the game's release, and that there have been a few Cblogs about it. I don't care.  I don't care because Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden...   more

Indie Nation #4: Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden photo

Indie Nation #3: Platform

Platform is a damned remarkable game. Not only does it combine pimpass platforming puzzles with a Lost Vikings-esque character separation mechanic, but it's also the only episodic series I can think of which manages to be jus...   more

Indie Nation #3: Platform photo

Indie Nation #2: MINUBEAT

Last week, I kicked off Indie Nation with one of the best, most high-profile indie games on the market. Aquaria is long, beautiful, immersive, award-winning, and actually costs money to play. This week, I'd like to go in the ...   more

Indie Nation #2: MINUBEAT photo

Indie Nation #1: Aquaria

For every formulaic, boring sequel of a remake of a port to come from mainstream game studios, there's at least a half-dozen unusual, original, and fun titles coming from independent game developers from all over the world. T...   more

Indie Nation #1: Aquaria photo

Passage, the greatest five-minute-long game ever made

Passage, created by Jason Rohrer, is an exercise in gaming minimalism. Made for korokomi's gamma 256 competition, It's only five minutes long, it weighs in at less than 500kb, it takes place on a 100x16 field of pixels, and i...   more

Passage, the greatest five-minute-long game ever made photo