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Original BioShock team working on a 'big' project

8:49 PM on 03.21.2009 // Brad Nicholson

Game Developers Conference is much more than a hip event showcasing new, and occasionally, unannounced games. It’s a gathering place for developers from around the world that provides an opportunity to network at large, exchange ideas, and recruit fresh faces. One studio looking for rookie meat at GDC is 2K Boston, and according to their job sheet, the project is going to be “big.”

“Something big is happening in Boston,” reads the first line of the back of the sheet. “The original BioShock team is working on their biggest and most ambitious project yet ... and they’re hiring,” it continues.

If you’re an aspiring programmer, designer, artist or producer you may want to visit with the 2K folks at GDC. (We’re told they’ll be walking around in shirts similar to the screens in the gallery.) If you’re a videogame fanatic, there’s a little something to get out of this. Like, uh, the drool-worthy mention of 2K Boston working on something new. Please be System Shock 3, k, thx.


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