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Ocarina of Time 3D: A 13-year-old game is a big hit today

9:20 AM on 06.20.2011 // Jim Sterling

They say nostalgia sells, but rarely does it sell this well. It would appear that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a huge hit, with modern gamers apparently itching to get their hands on a prettier version of a thirteen-year-old game. I can hardly blame them. 

The game is currently's top seller across all videogame software, hardware and peripherals. It has also reached second place in the United Kingdom sales charts after releasing in the country this Friday. Although it's not first place, this is relatively huge news -- I don't even think I could use up one hand by counting the number of DS/DSi games that ever made it to number two, and considering this is the less widespread 3DS platform, that is a huge achievement. 

Compacting this are anecdotal reports around the Web that Ocarina of Time 3D has sold out in several US locations, as well as the entirety of Japan. Our own associate editor Jonathan Holmes has reported that his local GameStop and the two Target stores he visited were completely out of copies. It's possible Nintendo undershipped copies to manufacture hype, but it seems to be doing the trick!

Yes, it's a polished port of a thirteen-year-old game, but it seems that, more than a decade on, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is still one of the most influential and respected titles in the world. I am okay with that. 

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