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No Apparent Reason Parties for November!

2:20 PM on 11.08.2010 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

No Apparent Reason Parties, NARPs for short, are a long standing tradition here at Destructoid. NARPs are parties hosted by Dtoiders for Dtoiders and everyone is welcome to attend a party. It's about playing games and interacting with other people all in the name of having a good time.

November is the month to"give thanks," and what better way than to show how thankful we are for the Dtoid community by partying! Various community groups have a bunch of events planned to bring the troops together all in the name of a good time!

Read on to see what NARPs are happening in Australia, San Francisco, Baltimore/DC, Chicago and Austin!

Who: Dtoid Australia -- FooLiz
What: Videogame Trivia at Mana Bar and Movie Night
When: Nov 16 and 26

Dtoid Australia totally rocks the Video Game Trivia night at Mana Bar and are also planning on having a movie night at El Casa del Muzz to watch Willow, Legend, and Labyrinth! Join in the fun!

Be sure to follow Dtoid Australia on Twitter and Facebook as well as check out the Google group for details of these events and much more!

Who: Dtoid San Francisco -- Tactix
What: Rocky Horror and Harry Potter!
When: TBA and Nov 19

With all the gaming events that have happened in the past, DtoidSF has decided to change it up a bit and plan to watch some movies! Thanks to Glee, we are excited to check out RHPS to get the complete theater experience. Also planned is a midnight viewing of the amazing HARRY POTTER! So come out with your fellow gamers to check these out!

Be sure to follow DtoidSF on Twitter and Facebook as well as check out the Google Group for details of these events and others!

Who: Dtoid Baltimore/DC -- Hitogoroshi
What: BaltiNARP
When: Nov 19-21

ARE YOU READY TO NARP??? Thats right, DtoidBaltimore/DC is having their famous BaltiNARP in the month of November. It will be taking place at Procyon's place and have tons of amazing stuff such as console games, MAME arcade setup, and other great stuff! Feel free to bring whatever to share and you are welcome to come anytime throughout the whole weekend!  You might even get a chance to eat Changston's pancakes for breakfast!

For more details, check out the emailer and/or contact Procyon ( AT Sounds like a GREAT time!

Who: Dtoid Chicago -- AwesomeExMachina
What: Nintendo themed Burlesque show and The Room
When: Nov 13 and 26

I am jealous of Dtoid Chicago. Two AMAZING events being planned for November. Not only are they planning a trip to see a Nintendo themed Burlesque show titled Boobs and Goombas, but they are going to a midnight showing of my current favorite movie, The Room (OH HAI DOGGIE!) So if you live anywhere remotely near Chicago, make sure to go!

Check out their e-mailer for more information and to let AwesomeExMachina know you want to meet up! And feel free to follow their Twitter and Facebook as well!

Who: Dtoid Austin -- Sean Carey
What: Austin Comic-con
When: Nov 12-14

Whoo! Comic-con is headed to Austin, so the Dtoid Austin crew is centering their meetups around that! During the show, one of Dtoid's members, Edco, will be handing out sketches to Dtoiders! Events planned for the weekend will probably involve meeting up at a bar or maybe Sean's place, followed by pancakes at Kerbey Lane on Sunday.

So for more details on this meetup, check out their Google group and blog!

Who: Dtoid New England -- Senisan
What: Video Games Live concert!
When: Nov 17

On the 17, there will be a VGL concert that is free to attend, granted you sign up ahead of time. Dtoid NE will be going to that, so hopefully you can join them!

Be sure to follow Dtoid New England on their Google groupYoutube, and Flickr!

And now a list of other groups that might not have anything planned as of yet, but keep checking in. New events happen all the time!

Who: Dtoid Europe -- Hollie Bennett

Just a reminder that if you live in Europe and you havent gotten in touch with our European community manager, what are you waiting for? Our own Hollie Bennett is kind of a big deal and works tirelessly to make Destructoid Europe and awesome community group!  So check out their Destructoid group and emailer to get involved!

Who: Dtoid Los Angeles -- Jonathan Ross

Dtoid Los Angeles does new stuff all the time, and lots of the NARPs are spur of the moment.  So while there is no big event planned for November, things WILL happen.

So be sure to follow Dtoid Los Angeles on Facebook as well as check out the Google Group for details of these events and other things!

Who: Dtoid New York - Powerglove

Nothing planned for Nov., but its all in preparation for the awesomeness that will be Blipfest in December. So keep watching the group for all the info about that next month!

Also, make sure to check out DtoidNY's Facebook group, Twitter and Flickr!!

Who: Dtoid Midwest -- Jon Bloodspray

Make sure to join the Google group and Facebook group for more info!

Who:Dtoid Phoenix -- Dexter345

Near Phoenix? Make sure to get involved in one of the newer city groups by checking out their Google Group!

Who: Dtoid Northwest (Portland, Seattle, Vancouver) -- Kai, DJDuffy, King3vbo 

You can check out the Google group here!

That's all for this month! See you again next month for another update!

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