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Nintendo eShop kicks off with Mega Man Legends 3

10:13 AM on 04.21.2011 // Dale North

Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version will be a launch title for the Nintendo eShop when it opens. Capcom's open-world adventure Mega Man title was co-developed by fans, and this launch title will serve as an early look at the game. A release says that once you finish the core missions you'll receive access to areas of the game not yet finished. You'll also get access to a debug menu that gives you special moves and abilities. You'll be testing this game like a boss!

Once you've played the game, Capcom wants your feedback to be submitted at They want you to be a little Servbot.

Now, about that eShop opening. *cough* Capcom says nothing about that. Of course not. Hold tight.

Check out the new screens from Prototype Version in our gallery. We'll have video coming soon.

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