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Nintendo 3DS XL screen will greatly reduce screen glare

10:30 PM on 07.23.2012
Nintendo 3DS XL screen will greatly reduce screen glare photo

If you're still undecided on the merit of the 3DS XL, with its bigger screen and improved battery life, then consider this. The Nintendo 3DS XL screen will feature a whopping 75% reduction in screen glare. 

The revelation was made during a recent installment of Iwata Asks, in which Nintendo's Takashi Murakami explains that lowered manufacturing costs related to the technology have now allowed them to bring the improvement to the 3DS. Each of the system's three LCD screen layers are now specially treated to reduce reflectivity from 12% to 3%. Says Iwata,

Anti-reflection has been a topic every time since the Game Boy Advance system, but most of the time we had to give it up because of the cost.

With that out of the way, the 3DS XL will have an even better visual experience, already improved by the 90% increase in screen size. What say you Dtoiders, does the reduced glare provide incentive to buy the 3DS XL?

Nintendo 3DS XL To Have Better Anti-Glare Screen [Siliconera]

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