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Ninja Blade screenshots screenshots screenshots

9:40 AM on 01.06.2009

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

I felt that if I repeated a word three times in the headline, it would make the headline more exciting. I have failed.

Anyway, here are a bunch of new screens for the pretty-yet-shallow Ninja Blade, coming to the Xbox 360 via From Software. I used the word "via" because saying "from From Software" sounds stupid. This developer has an incredibly stupid name. 

This exclusive is very good looking, but as explained before, the gameplay is nothing but a big QTE-fest. Like Guitar Hero, if the music was replaced by a ninja who is totally NOT Ryu Hayabusa. Personally, I am more interested in From Software's big PS3 offering, Demon's Souls

That said, I will definitely be giving this a spin. Hopefully the gameplay opens up a lot more from what I played, because thirty seconds of combat followed by three minutes of timed button pressing is not my idea of exhilirating ninja action.

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