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Pikmin 3 and New Super Luigi U spur Wii U sales in Japan

12:00 PM on 07.17.2013

Kyle MacGregor

Associate Editor

Software selling hardware, imagine that

The sun came up this morning, birds chirped, the tides continued their eternal ebb and flow, and a Nintendo product topped Japanese software charts. Some things never change.

Pikmin 3 launched last week in Japan, reigning supreme with more than 92,000 units sold in its first few days on the market. New Super Luigi U also had a respectable showing with its physical debut, shifting nearly 25,000 copies on the way to claiming the number five spot.

The Wii U received a nice little bump from the pair of hot new releases. The console managed to sell upwards of 22,000 units last week, up from 8,000 in the previous week. Perhaps the struggling piece of hardware is on the road to recovery. More games should help with that.

ピクミン3」9万2000本,妖怪ウォッチ5万3000本 New スーパールイージ U Dead Island: Riptide なども登場の 週間販売ランキング [4Gamer]

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Kyle MacGregor
Associate Editor
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Pikmin 3

4:33 PM on 11.05.2014
Pikmin 3 update

Miyamoto's animated Pikmin shorts on sale, Pikmin 3 gets demo

For Wii U and 3DS
10:30 PM on 05.29.2014
Pikmin 3 update

Hey, you can play Pikmin 3 with a stylus now

Wii U players, rejoice (?)
4:45 PM on 11.06.2013
Pikmin 3 update

Second set of DLC is out today for Pikmin 3

Go get another free stage
9:20 AM on 10.01.2013
Pikmin 3 update

Pikmin 3 to receive DLC in the form of mission packs

The first batch arrives today
1:30 PM on 08.19.2013
Pikmin 3 update

Pikmin 3 takes place 250 million years in Earth's future

Welcome to the WORLD OF TOMORROW!
2:30 PM on 08.08.2013
Pikmin 3 update

Those secret Pikmin 3 codes unlock ... videos?

8:00 AM on 08.04.2013
Pikmin 3 update

Very quick tips for Pikmin 3

Red, Blue, and Yellow synergy
11:30 AM on 08.01.2013
Pikmin 3 update

There's a code hidden in Pikmin 3, according to Miyamoto

Okay, fine, I'll go find all of those memos
12:00 PM on 07.31.2013
Pikmin 3 update

Review: Pikmin 3

Not a minuscule pick
8:00 AM on 07.25.2013
Pikmin 3 update

Nintendo PR actively promoting playable female characters

Pikmin 3 hailed as the start of many

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