*New Star Ocean scans with anime stylings included (for now)
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New Star Ocean scans with anime stylings included (for now)

5:20 PM on 02.10.2009  ·  Colette Bennett

I'm not sure if the news of the change to less "anime" faces in Star Ocean 4 turned any of you off enough to keep you from buying the game when it comes out, but if that type of thing doesn't bother you, you may want to get a gander at the new scans that Gamekyo has posted today. There's more pretty images to ogle, not to mention a gigantic pink rabbit that looks a bit like Cait Sith in bunny form.

I want to complain about the changing of the anime-styled faces, but then I think about the brilliant Valkyria Chronicles, which featured breathtaking anime-inspired characters and topped "best of" lists, yet sold about as well as the Apple Pippin (okay, maybe just a little better than that, but still). Let's face it, a lot of us may like anime stylings in our gaming experiences, but it's not where the money's at.


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