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New Phantom Hourglass images materialise

2:08 PM on 05.30.2007 // David Houghton

To continue today's theme of rather pretty RPG eye-fodder for the DS, the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine has eight new screenshots from the upcoming Wind Waker sequel The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and far from shabby they are too.

Due for a June release in the land of the sobbing Xbox and a vague Q4 outing in the west, the game's already looking to give the series a pretty good thwack with the touchscreen stick, as well as a seductive tickle with the multiplayer wand. And from the look of these screens, which aren't too far from the GC precursor apart from the obviously lower resolution, it's going to do it all while prancing around and preening itself in front of a large mirror, giggling. 

Hit the gallery for the full set.

[Via Kotaku



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