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New Overlord screens make me want to ransack a village

8:47 AM on 04.20.2007 // Nick Chester

 A game after my own heart (raping, pillaging, and burninating lives deep in my soul), the upcoming Xbox 360/PC title Overlord is hard for me to ignore.

What first appeared to be "Oblivion for A**holes" is increasingly looking more and more like "Pikmin for Bullies." In Overlord, players control dozens of minions to carry out their evil deeds like looting and killing innocents. Say no more -- I'm sold.

Developer Triumph Studio's previous work includes the well received PC turn-based strategy title, Age of Wonders (and it's sequel and subsequent expansion). Still, I'm hoping there's less strategy involved in Overlord and more "kill a b**ch," because none of my minions in real life listen to a damned word I say.

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