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New Mad World trailer is black, white, and red all over

8:39 AM on 08.20.2008 // Nick Chester

If Platinum Games' Wii exclusive Mad World isn't good, there's going to be riots in the streets. The kind of riots where people pull street signs out of the ground to stab and bludgeon one another. 

Because if this new trailer -- revealed this week at Games Convention -- is any indication, Mad World is shaping up to be wild, brutal fun. Because that's what we like here in America (and Europe, I suppose): violence and hip hop music. Ya'll read to ride? Ya'll ready to fly? Ya'll ready to live? Ya'll ready to die? 

Mad World reeks of a game created by Japanese developers, designed specifically to cater to a North American audience. Well guess what? It works. We're freaking out over this game, aren't we, and we haven't even played it yet. And not just because it's a "mature Wii title OMG"; Mad World has a style and look that would turn heads regardless of what console it was on.

I'm done yapping, though. The trailer says it all. Check it out.


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