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New Kinectimals coming this fall, brings bears with it

12:00 PM on 07.26.2011 // Nick Chester

What's cuter and more cuddly than a baby tiger? A baby bear! Microsoft has announced Kinectimals Now with Bears, a new version of the family-friendly pet-touching simulator for Kinect.

The game will feature an all new guide, Bumblina, that will guide you around an unexplored island just off the coast of Kinectimals' playground of Lemuria. You'll get to adopt five different bears: a Black Bear, a Grizzly Bear, a Cinnamon Bear, a Glacier Bear, or a Polar Bear. The cats are also back, if you'd rather stick to the classics, but… bears, guys!

The game will be released as a full retail title for $49.99, or current Kinectimals owners can get the "Bear Island" add-on for $14.99.

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