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New Final Fantasy XIII-2 content adds story, bikinis

8:30 PM on 02.16.2012 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

The "Sazh: Heads or Tails?" downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to come out on February 28 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The DLC will go for 400MS Points/$4.99 and will see players taking control of Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII. The story is set to run parallel to the main story of XIII-2 that will see Sazh joining your party once completed. The new content will also add two new card games called Chronobind and Serendipity Poker.

Additionally, Square Enix is releasing two new outfits for Noel and Serah that will run for 240MS Points/$2.99. Noel's outfit is called Spacetime Guardian and Serah's is simply called Beachwear. The outfit pack will also be out on February 28 and you're a horrible horrible horrible person if you buy virtual clothing that does nothing but please your perversion you lonely little 12-year-olds.

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