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New Catherine trailer has me jealous, spinning

9:00 AM on 06.22.2011 // Dale North

Two girls fighting over me: That's the dream. That'll never be because of my other dream: Lots of new Atlus games. Thankfully, my lonely gamer life will be filled with Atlus game Catherine when it's released on July 26th. Only then will I get a taste of what a life with two lovely women is like. Bonuses include turning into a sheep and heavy drinking and smoking. 

This new trailer for Catherine highlights what life would be like dealing with two different girls. Katherine and Catherine are...both everyone's type, but they're both nuts in their own way. Two crazy girls! So lucky! But juggling them is a nightmare for Vincent. 

The voice work is AWESOME in this new trailer. It gets me really excited about the game's release. You'll see Vincent spinning and screaming at the end. I'm doing the same thing right now in excitement. 

I need to pre-order this as I definitely want that $79.99 Love is Over edition that comes with a pillow, a t-shirt and even boxer shorts. For a limited time, all pre-orders (both deluxe and standard) will get their own Catherine soundtrack and art book bundle. You can get a look at this and six new screenshots in our gallery below.

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