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Nerdcore 7: Video game fetish

4:44 PM on 04.06.2007 // Faith

The Nerdcore girls are back with some sweet spank bank goodness. I spent some time hunting for video game art over at Deviant Art and instead came across some new and naughty ladies of gaming. These ones are especially naughty -- with their bondage pictures and naughty bits peeking out to say hello.

Hit the jump, and remember, don't open this article unless you're at home with a bottle of vaseline handy because this article is not safe for work, unless you work where I do. 


Which button makes your skirt come off?

This sexy lady with the Nintendo controller on her belt goes by the username, Nak. My only question is which button do you push to make your clothes come off?

Which one do I play with first?

Pretty and Twisted decided to pose with her Xbox controller and a bit of cleavage. She makes it hard to pick which item you want to play with first.

Beats rolling around in a pile of money

Imagine rolling around in a pile of video games with this little hottie, Sammie Soon. She also had some wicked Jedi lightsaber shots that I just had to include. It's the geek in me that just loves hotties with lightsabers.

Lighting up the good bits

The best piece in the collection

Sammie isn't the only lady I found willing to roll around in video games. The Nintendo Princess taken by El-Hoodin seems to be the best piece in this gaming collection.

Kinky keyboard

So many keys, so little time. This piece, "Gaming Fetish" by Portrait Gallery has a real hardcore gamer look to it. Speaking of fetish ... I did promise some kink in this addition of Nerdcore didn't I?

Choke me, Spank me, Pull my hair

The Unlucky Star gave us a little kink with her webcam shot of a little controller bondage. Colette, I believe has a similar pic on her My Space page.

A slave to gaming

Created by Nicole Langlois aka Epitome xofx me, this controller bondage picture and the title bondage pic shows how controllers can be used for more than beating the bad guys. DOA girls have a little competition now.

Tie me up and bring me to level 99

This last artist, Fix Me Know has been featured on Destructoid before but I felt these pictures deserved to be posted again with the other fetish pictures. Bondage with a controller is something I definitely need to try.

Fish through the gallery below for more pictures from these artists. 

Photo Gallery: (16 images)
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