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Nerdcore #5: Women and technology, a match made in heaven.

3:06 PM on 09.15.2006 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

FemaleTech Keyboard

Update 02/09/07: So I was doing some research and trying to figure out what to number the next Nerdcore spread when I realized something. Why didn't I even consider this post as a Nerdcore worthy titled post? Boggles my mind folks. Anyway, just wanted to add to the title.  

Now why in the heck did I never think of searching through Flickr for this? Damn you Florian, it's supposed to me MY job to find stuff like this! Her handle is Female Tech, and she describes her photo shoots as:

This photostream was created to show the beauty and femininity in technology. As an artist and a geek, I wanted a way to combine the two (artistically).
She poses with a PSP, GameCubes, Xboxs, and PCs as well. A few of my favorites are after the jump, or go straight to her Flickr set here. PSP naked chick FemaleTech_pspgame femaletech_gamecubetable femaletech_genesis

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