NERDCORE #2 - More video game ladies uncovered

2:22 PM on 09.29.2006

Yeah, I know. I'm the man. First I brought you Destructoid's notoriously famous Video Game Bikinis and now back with a vengeance! We've received permission to present you with a gallery of the ladies from Digital Press -- 36 more pictures after the jump! Credits: The models are Alice & Janice. I'd also like to thank silverpoodleman for linking to the original Nerdcore post over on the Atari Age Forums and StanJr from AFF for also for pointing me in the right direction to the latest addition to our ever growing Girls of Gaming series. You guys rock!

Please note that the gallery below is page 2 of a series:

Nerdcore Gallery #3 - DDR Girls

Nerdcore Gallery #4 - Cakebite Girls

Nerdcore Gallery #5 - Women and Technology, a match made in heaven  

The Do it yourself $150 Halo Bikini 

The one with the Nintendo Panties 

The Gorgeous Girls of Gaming Calendar

2007 Nerdcore Calendar 

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