Ne-Yo's 'Closer' is coming to Dance Central 2 tomorrow - destructoid

Ne-Yo's 'Closer' is coming to Dance Central 2 tomorrow

11:30 PM on 01.09.2012

Brett Zeidler

Contributor and Engineer

Been getting enough of the dance game craze yet? Well, I'm sure some of you out there aren't because the dancing games are still selling like crazy. As a result, new DLC is on the way for Dance Central 2 tomorrow and this time it's apparently a classic club hit from Ne-Yo.

"Closer" is taken from 2008's Grammy-nominated Year of the Gentlemen and is the only track hitting the in-game Music Store and Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow. Kunle Oladehin did the choreography for the song's move over to Dance Central. You can pick up "Closer" for a mere 240 Microsoft Points.

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Brett Zeidler
Contributor and Engineer follow

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