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Music video: Left 4 Dead's Francis hates stairs, small towns, Ayn Rand, more

9:00 AM on 01.29.2009

Left 4 Dead's Francis hates everything. Well, except for vests, apparently. But vans, stairs, water, small towns, and even Objectivist author Ayn Rand -- it's all fair game for Francis' ire.
YouTube users GCIDogmeat and GCITherewolf put together this absolutely brilliant and hilarious music video to commemorate Francis' hate of well ... everything. Using sound clips from Valve's popular zombie-killin' simulator, they've set it to a catchy, thumping number that you'll have in your head all day. You can thank me later.
After watching the video, if you just want to rock the mp3 (and you just might), you can grab that here.

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