More views of naughty Fire Emblem: Awakening Tharja fig - destructoid

More views of naughty Fire Emblem: Awakening Tharja fig

12:30 PM on 02.28.2013

Dale North

Former Dtoid EIC

'round back

Remember that naughty Tharja figure scuplt from Wonder Festival 2013 from a few weeks back? You all had a lot to say about it, and I'm not surprised about that. But what is surprising is that people are still talking about it.

Tiny Cartridge found some 'shops of the figure that explore what she might look like in color. There's also another nice piece of artwork inspired by the fig by Pixiv artist Yasabata. And this led me to a NSFW Tharja pic dive that ate up some of my work morning.

But, in getting to the real butt of the matter, Tiny Cartridge also found a clear shot of this figure's rear angle. You can get a better look at that NSFW back after the jump.

Nintendo is cool with this?


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Dale North
Former Dtoid EIC follow

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