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Mirror's Edge viral marketing makes its way to Syracuse

2:52 PM on 11.06.2008 // 8BitBrian

Syracuse isn't a hotbed for much activity in my mind, save for abolitionism, and it's not like we have much need for that right now, do we? So, I was rather surprised to hear that EA has its mysterious street team out and about at Syracuse University, placing "Wanted" flyers around campus, asking for the capture of Faith.

The flyers went up along our campus quad, where just about everyone has to cross at some point of the day. They're essentially just pieces of glossy paper taped down to the sidewalk, and I couldn't find any posters hanging in buildings or attached to light poles.

You can check out a few more photos of the flyer down in the gallery below. Check your local campus, college students (and I know you're on here instead of in class): Where are the Mirror's Edge flyers?

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